NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Olev Kuma Emerging artist

I am a visual artist with background in painting and graphic design. I am fascinated by the relations between color and space and the secret facets of the human evolution and the nature of reality. I create triggers to open up the unconscious space of experience. In my works color as a primal and alchemical material meets the sterility of industrial image production. Something as lifeless as paint is deeply alive, full of thought and expressive content – liquids, stones, and light carry internal meaning. Paint has omitted its intermediary role and steps into dialogue with the viewer directly and sensuously, possessing thereby a limitless potential to stage meanings. In the unprecedented multitude of available means, the choice of medium holds a meaningful role. To create harmony with physical paint, I often use digital tools. Chance and instinctual approach have an important place in my painting practice as they create bodily presence in their human imperfection. I believe that the strength of painting today lies in its slowness. When daily images and messages only accelerate, painting opens itself when the time stops.