NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Swamp, 2018


Linoleum, water based ink, paper

Works’ measurements: 140 x 110 and 140 x 113

Works can be sold separately, each for 900.-

The artists’ comment on the artwork: “Life in a frenzied world, flickering from a plethora of images which make us less observant and more passive, urges us to turn back to the swamp. The swamp is a unique space in nature, unhindered by borders, unmanipulative and undifferentiatable from other ecosystems. Difficult to control, mutating and contradictory, the swamp liberates our imagination which is so vulnerable to change. The soothing and hypnotic images pull us in, leaving us in the space between the visible and invisible. The swamp is our natural singularity, while at the same time it is a state wherein we lose our sense of stability and end up face to face with the unknown. Liberating ourselves from reality while nonetheless remaining true to ourselves, we can reinvent, reconstruct ourselves. Analyzing this natural and philosophical phenomenon, we discover the printmaking process, which integrates the existential laws of the swamp: layering, conservation, filtering and the communality of intricate details and larger expanses. Through our work, which requires tremendous patience and devotion, we impart meaning onto this period of refashioning. Large format linocuts urges the viewer to become aware of their personal relationship with the surfaces and depths of the swamp.”

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