NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Sunny Jail. An Ears., 2019

210 x 48 cm

oil on canvas “In addition to sentimental and intimate states and stories, everyday objects contain many other signs of life. Our surroundings are full of things that are full of stories, dreams, losses, joy and sorrow. The main motif of my work is a casual object. The significance of things is revealed not only through their ambiguous contour or sign, but also through the sense of human existence. A part of me can be found in the object and that is why the motif attracts me. This metaphorical manifesto of things encourages attention to our everyday simple, sometimes even boring, environment. Interesting and unexpected marks can only be revealed by observing it. We have divided ourselves into various colourful items which can be found in a room, an attic or a garage.”

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210 x 48 cm