NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Liminal Space, 2023

110 x 160 cm

Oil on canvas

The starting point for the paintings is a mental scenery, where observations of the external world are connected with internal images. An unlimited landscape opens up on the canvas. It appears to depict an intersection of different realities. The word liminal (from the Latin word limen meaning threshold) refers to a transient space. The concept is used to describe a boundary state before one moves on to a new stage in life. Things are no longer as they used to be, and you cannot know what will happen next. However, the change has not taken place yet. A liminal space is an intermediate phase full of uncertainties. It is like a doorway, which can feel inviting and prohibiting at the same time. In my opinion, liminality provides an excellent way to describe the transitory state of life, human relationships, and the world (as well as the painting), which all may seem chaotic at times. People walking through the paintings go through ordeals in an undomesticated landscape. At the boundaries, there are suggestive undertones that point to possibilities instead of end points. The work has been exhibited in the BFA exhibition 2023.

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