NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The reverse museum, 2023

80 x 100 cm

canvas, oil paints,spray acrylic paint

Reverse Museum it is a theme about unconventional museums, in which everything is located in such a way. In the museum I’m creating, people swap places with animals. The man becomes an exhibit of themuse, placed behind the glasses of the showcase. The animals are given the role of an observer, museum explorer and visitor. The cyclicals of paintings are exalted. Their existence becomes more important than that of humans. In an unconventional museum, the animals are depicted free and independent, exploring the surrounding environment and the people who have turned into exhibitors. People seem to be objectified, turned into objects of exploration, acquiring a “lower” status. They are depicted sitting or standing in illuminated showcases. A cycle of paintings is created in which unexpected situations prevail, which raise questions among viewersabout the rights of animals, about their existence and protection. The situations in the paintings are portrayedin a syrontic way, so that an unexpected image would force us to reflect on the being of not only animals, but also people in the modern world.

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The reverse museum by Lina Pociūtė
The reverse museum  
80 x 100 cm