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The journey continues. Into the deep, 2020



Coincidence as a method, theme, and material for creating; The journey continues. Into the deep. ‘The journey continues. Into the deep’ is a project about coincidence lying not only as a theoretical work but also as an artistic piece – a book. The book can be read in three directions: personal (coincidences manifesting through my own experiences), in relations with others (interviews with photographer Gintautas Trimakas, theater director Valentinas Masalskis and performance artist Benas Šarka), and from already written pages crossing my path (all read books, methodologies, researches about coincidences which question and provoke to find my own perspective: what does the coincidence mean for me (if there is?), and how it can become a reason for creative work. The aim of the project was to create my own artistic method that focused not on the final result but rather on the artistic process itself. The book contains chapters such as time, playfulness, failure of imagination with illustrations – authentic art pieces, made using monotype, cyanomonotype, and etching techniques. On the back of it. I thought I was looking for a coincidence, but really, everything I was looking for was behind it.

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Book: ‘The journey continues. Into the deep’