NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

2.15m3, 2022

1.5 x 1.9 cm

Durational performance, wood, oriented strand board, masking tape, textile, readymade, thread, a plant, coloured pencils.

You can see a sculptural form that is constantly changing during the exhibition. Its internal dimensions are based on the artist’s measurements, and its external dimensions allow it to move around the building. If the piece isn’t here, there’s only a trace of it. The artist / installer instals the work at a new location every day. By interfering in the spaces in this way he is trying to create new memories of the places. When the exhibition closes, the box moves back to its place and the artist / installer spends the night there. The next day, when the exhibition opens, the box will open and the process will start again. “So I fill the emptiness of a designed and delineated piece of space. I inhabit it. I move through other areas, rooms and spaces into a designated spot. I now define this as the place I am in. I used one leg after the other to rhythmically thump through matter. The beating of my steps started to correlate with the pulsating throbs of my blood rushing through my body. I am walking. I push away air particles that stand in my way and they create a smooth flow around my body. I don’t acknowledge it every time. I remember when I shaved my head. I could feel the air move along my skull while I walked along a corridor. I would turn my head a little bit and I would feel how my body is in motion. I could close my eyes and the small flow of air on my head would guide me. I knew which way I was walking. I think this is one example of an experience where I feel myself being in a dialogue with my surroundings. I stop. I do not move.” Excerpt from thesis “Pocket book” My graduation piece is a continuation of my practice that will be an object inhabiting a space and me as a performer inhabiting the space of the object. The space that I usually inhabit is defined by the everyday actions associated with that space and the dimensions of me. These dimensions become a way of interacting with the environment. Through them I create a dialogue between me and the space. And through this dialogue a memory is made. These memories are made every day. Then the memory is re-experienced. And then the memory is experienced again simultaneously with the re-experience. These layers form on top of eachother and spaces move from unfamiliar to familiar. For the duration of the installation and exhibition of TASE 2022 i will be present at school. I have created a mobile space for myself. Every day I will install it in a new space. This space will then become a place with the potential for interaction. https://www.instagram.com/2.15m3/ More photos: https://tase22.artun.ee/en/graduate/johannes-luik/



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