NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Stone 4, 2015

By Ede Raadik

From the series “Me and My Imaginary Friends”
Pigment ink print
Edition: 2 + 1 AP
The price includes the series (3 works) as a whole

The artwork is being exhibited at Ede Raadik´s personal exhibiton at Tartu Art House until 3.04.2016; the new owner will receive the artwork after the end of the exhibition.

Artist about the exhibition and her works: “Pareidolia is the tendency of the human brain to detect meaningful images in random structures and as such is an excellent basis for systematic pseudo-scientific nonsense.

Based on this idea I have systematically observed and mapped “human faces” that can be viewed in stones at different angles. All the faces I found I gave specific coordinates and labelled them with keywords based on my subjective experience.

The aim is to “look inside myself” in a similar way to the 19th century astronomer Percival Lowell, who mapped the shadows of the blood vessels in his eyes, interpreting them as the surfaces of faraway structures in space."

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