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Signs, 2017

140 x 230 cm

Linocut, embroidery on linen fabric

The idea of the work is about that Latvian ethnographic signs are aestheticized and commercialised. Latvian ethnographic signs are used to decorate almost anything. We can say that these signs and patterns are in style. And nowadays tattoos are a modern lifestyle choice.

For the past five years Latvian ethnographic signs tattoos are in high demand. In all cases these signs and patterns are almost always used only for decorative purposes, but these signs are much more, they are language. In past they were used as talismans for protection and good luck, combined, they contained information about space, gods, this world, the beyond and much more. The figures are put in endless blanket folds, in relaxed postures to illustrate sloth. Nowadays when you can reach unimaginable amount of information from your laptop or smartphone, people are satisfied with the most reachable and understandable information, that don`t need further analyses. Latvians are satisfied with that little information they know about the Latvian ethnographic signs and that they can admire their beauty, feel affiliation to ancient nation.

Ancient Latvians embroidered Latvian signs to adorn their clothing, nowadays Latvians tattoo Latvian signs to adorn their skin. Embroidery on linen fabric represents past, the location of these embroidered signs represents present, simultaneously showing the use of Latvian signs in past and in present.

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Darta Stafecka. Signs. 2017. 140×230 cm. Linocut, embroidery on linen fabric

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Signs by Dārta Stafecka
140 x 230 cm