NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

" Parallel", 2019

150 x 40 cm

Clay, wood, metal

The Port of Kiel was her temporary harbour, her home for five months. She travelled widely from the port in various directions, but she always returned to the same coast like a ship. She equates her experience in the German port and travelling abroad with sailing by ship and getting to know different places. She is like a ship having found its temporary shelter, however waiting for another voyage and adventure. She chooses to speak about her travelling memories through parts of a ship. In her installation she shows fragments of a ship deck. She is looking for new ways to reflect real mechanisms through her viewing angle having minimum means. She is using symbolism and interfaces of the locality. She connects the opposites and looks at them in a new way. She is also using audio material.The sounds symbolise different directions of the journey, the places she visited and the people she met. While using different details she creates the apparent atmosphere of a ship.