NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Morning we carry, 2018


Oil on canvas

The work depicts a contemplation about the opportunities that we are given and actions we make out of them, courage and fear that we carry within ourselves and the most important – daring to be. The story is covering all the possibilities one is blessed with. In this context, the artist would like to talk about freedom we now have since Soviet Union collapsed. In the same way as Latvians, Estonians are also looking for their own identity and ways of expressing, co-creating and living in their new possibilities.

In her work, Ella Mežule observes and understands the complicated ways of human inner worlds, the interaction going on in one´s own personality and with other individuals. How do we as humans create ourselves and the surrounding environment? The essence of the work can be found in its atmosphere, light and a questioning glance that mirrors to the viewers their own answers and thoughts.

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