NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Biased objects, 2019


Concrete, metal

“Biased objects” is an installation that consists of 3 paintings made in mixed media, 2 objects made in concrete and plastic, and six lyrical insight through words made in plaster and plastic materials. The aim of this artwork was to make a world that one doesn’t control, but somehow it combines elements that allows You to rise above the mundane self and take a look from another perspective. Try not to look for something specific, the installation is made in order to transform Your own state of mind for a second, not to show clear definitions or ideas. The goal was to create an atmospheric space which would allow the viewer to dive in his own personal inner conflicts with the external world’s requirements, observe both and be able to step back from them. Take a breath and observe oneself. Mostly work is rooted in Ella Mežule’s own personal life and the space which arises, while she is in observational state of mind. Exactly that space she was trying to materialize through different kinds of fragmental atmospheric pieces, combined in one installation. While observing her own personality through years she started to notice how unreliable it is, how much it can be influenced from aside and she started to wonder, what exactly do she actually chooses in life. The answers she mostly searched in herself during meditation and also luckily – came across German philosopher Thomas Metzinger, who bases his theories on researches he does in collaboration with neuroscientists. In his theory of Ego tunnel, he explains, how we illusional is one’s self. She chose to use different media to show a few of these moments that in her personal space of feeling and intuition seems distanced from personality, everyday life and unbelievable free. The words You read are her own personal dialogues and observations about one’s personality and its needs. These stelas are made in two languages – Latvian in plaster and English in plastic. The objects are made in order to make You feel partly here and partly not. The paintings embodies all of one’s faces and forms – how our personality is formed, but also shows, how unreal and floating all of them are. The installation makes You feel full and empty at the time, allowing You to take time, take a breath. Breathe. Be. See

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