NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Liquefied Presence (of the Ubiquitous Content), 2014

400 x 400 cm

Installation, mixed media

The installation “Liquefied Presence (of the Ubiquitous Content)” that was exhibited at the exhibition “Can´t go on. Must go on“ at Tallinn Art Hall in 2014 is a sequel to the topics analysed in the author´s Master’s thesis. The work is flirting with concept of anonymous stock imagery that is shared online as freeware. Maripuu works with the freely disseminate materials, mutating and transforming their visual identity. Computer software performs the role of an anonymous pattern generator. By applying painting techniques that the artist has acquired during the years, new , unique visual shapes have been installed in a gallery room.

From this point Maripuu leaves the following questions hanging in the air:
Why can’t we determine an art piece that is digitally constructed as a painting, if the approach to the work of creation is no different from the traditional execution methods? After all, painting as a medium, as well as the existence of the artwork, as a whole, does not depend on the method with/in which it is created. The final result in either case is a surface that is covered with color.

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