NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Learn to survive, 2023

2 x 2 cm

Arthospira Platensis biomaterial

In my creative practice, I aim to encourage a rethinking of people’s relationships with their surrounding environment: nature and human-made technologies. Taking into account the human impact on the planet, the opinion prevails that soon people will have to definitively abandon the attitude that led to the view expressed in the ideas of Anthropocene, the concepts about the supremacy of human species, recognize biodiversity and try hybrid models of the world consisting of organic and technical formations. This creative research project invites us to reflect on the creation of new corporeality and new forms of life, as well as the search for symbiotic forms of coexistence. I am using body fragments and skin imitations which are presented in a laboratory atmosphere. The latter were made from the unique biomaterial of Arthospira platensis, discovered through a process of experimentation. Artwork was participated in exibitions “Kvadrienalė” (2023), Titanikas, Vilnius, Lietuva and “Austėja” (2023), Titanikas, Vilnius, Lietuva.