NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

In this room, 2018

270 x 360 cm

Wood, plaster board, water pumps, silicone tubes, chalk paint

The artist´s comment on the artwork: “My first work for the BFA exhibition is a sculpture, a slowly transforming wall. During the exhibition water stains will appear on the wall. I’m interested in the passing of time and traces it leaves. In the performance, the actor spends time and wanders in the gallery. She has gold leaves in her palms, and she approaches people to shake hands with her. The gold will fade away in these touches and encounters. In both of these works, the performance and the wall piece I’m interested in the ways people find comfort and hope in material be it a saint statue, icon, or the wall of one’s one room. With these two pieces, the wall and the performance, I’m trying to intimately convey the fragility and vulnerability of material.”

Actress in the performance is Minne Mäki.