NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Dry mix for relationship building, 2022


Mixed technique “Dry mix for relationship building” (master’s thesis) focuses on one’s own attitude towards his gender and other men’s attitude back towards himself, which is builded on a personal, subjective experience in communication with other males. Artworks depict physical skills of men offering a slightly mixed or fuzzy message that isn’t based on a direct understanding of the material content. Is becoming an artist a sign of weakness, as opposed to choosing in favor of ‘real old’ professions, endowed with a sense of hard work, such as builders. The questions asked in the works focus on the correspondence of the role of a contemporary artist to the set of local stereotypes about masculinity, and the created objects serve as a transformation of the practical skills of post-Soviet male into the art media. The transfer is made with the help of the materials used in the works, including the layers of content and personal memories. Author awards the objects with a higher sacred significance to make them serve as road delineator posts, helping to overcome the choices of the past and to encourage further progress in the fragile and floating way of artists life.