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Reinis Bērziņš Emerging artist

Reinis Bērziņš (born 1989 Riga) is visual artist with interest in sound and elements of sculpture. Graduated Master degree in painting at Art Academy of Latvia in 2021 with excellence. In painting and installation works he has bond borders of abstraction and reality, our bodily experience, relationship with nature and the presence and acceptance of absurdity. He has had two solo exhibitions: Unpainted/nekrāsots @ Gallery Careva contemporary and Vidzeme concert hall Cēsis.

Sound compositions and kinetic live-sound installations part of scenography for thether performances and in RIBOCA2 for Agnese Krivade The Hotel of St. Christopher. Several paintings are in private collections mostly in Latvia and Belgium.


Work from series Unpainted/nekrāsots  
Work from series Unpainted/nekrāsots  
Works from series Unpainted/nekrāsots  


Reverse engineering a speaker cab