NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Dome, 2019

400 x 380 cm

Wood, speakers, electronics. The work is a multichannel sound installation with 14 speakers, spatialized around the structure of a wooden onion dome. The medium is specifically multichannel as to express multitudes of voices and opinions, a diversity that is often being neglected due to a eurocentric discourse ,lack of education about cultures and patriarchal and nationalist structures implemented within society and institutions where the artist grew up, and take her university degree. The work invites the viewer to a bodily journey within the physicality of sound, to reflect upon the sounds and language that humans express, and the subjects which are being silenced or ignored in a abusive system of production. Artists: Becksy Mariño, Leydi Giney Uyaban, Arash AK, Lintu Lintu, Lintu Lindfors, Tikka , Eugene Markin, Anna Makela, and Jo Kjaergaard.