NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

2.0, 2022


PLA plastic, polyurethane resin, fabric, LED-strip.

Through this work I seek alternative forms for the physical body whilst exploring existential fears and expectations. I have been inspired by my experience with incurable mental disorder, that causes drastic shifts in mood, ranging from periods of depression to periods of extremely “up” and elated. In this work by drawing parallels between my introspection and what is happening in society, I interpret the substantial whole of life as well as raising the question of how to exist in the world that is on the threshold of its end.  I adapt to my emotions by giving them a bodily form. The work focuses on an alien compound combining a 3D model found from an online 3D stock library and a 3D model of myself. In pop culture, an alien can be seen as a symbol reflecting fears, anxieties and tension in society. By fusing myself and the alien, I accept and reconcile my own fears. The human-alien crossbreed finds its physical form in sculptural installations where it is divided into two opposing parts – an utopian body versus a dystopian body. The forms reflect the experience motivated by different states of mind, expressing on the one hand in destructiveness and self-destruction, on the other hand in exuberant euphoria. New forms of the physical body provide an opportunity to alienate oneself from the biological self and to imagine new perspectives. Finding an alternative body is like a journey or a game in which new understandings about the present and future are being revealed. Through the process of creating the artwork, I accept different parts of myself and the world.