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Ville Laurinkoski Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Finland

Ville Laurinkoski (b. 1996, Finland) is based between Copenhagen and Helsinki. Alongside studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, Ville has attended Ed Atkins’ class at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts and has recently completed the Maumaus Independent Study Programme in 2021. Working with both writing and voice, with and through exaggerated speech, screaming and singing, Ville denounces the given order and enchants the negative and oblique. Ville’s work is a form of critique attempting to produce an unconsumable image; an image that is a constellation of names, cries, and apparitions, internal visions, and auditions, first composed and then recorded and installed in the exhibition space. This atmospheric image, painted with impressions, carries the trace of the violence that constituted it, while simultaneously remembering the promise of happiness. Besides performance and installation Ville’s body of work includes and published texts and painting The artist has exhibited in several group shows in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, such as Kuvan Kevät 2022 at Kuva/Tila, Helsinki, and Generation 2020 at Amos Rex, Helsinki. In 2018, they had a solo show at Porvoo Art Hall, Finland. In the upcoming spring, the artist will participate in a show at Charlottenborg Kunsthall, Copenhagen.


Ville Laurinkoski 7.5. – 5.6.2022 by Ville Laurinkoski
Ville Laurinkoski 7.5. – 5.6.2022  
1 x 1 cm

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