NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Wild goose chase, 2019


Cardboard, duct tape Summary

The form of this text was chosen as a dairy or fragments of lost notes. It begins with a quote from Rugerro Deodato film „Cannibal Holocaut“ 1980 which speaks about primitive tribes which live in the jungle and they pratice cannibalism till these days. After that his story is presented as a topographers journal about an unknown lands. Every numbered day the main character describes the local area surroundings, objects, his survival state in the wilderness, his feelings and hopes, while he waits for three of his companions to arrive. Unfortunatly only one of them shows up and there are no more clues about he others. So these to persons start to explore and scavenge the enviroment. Traveling and writing down their every day achievments and losses. The diary creates an imaginary but realistic, detail map of the described land. The main character, who writes these notes, continues the inner self monologe, which shows his psychological states changeability. The story itself gets worse and worse for these two heroes. After a mounth of survival in the wilderness they are continuesly being attacked by the barbaric local people, which are described as poor, dirty and savage. By the third mounth it starts to be difficult to understand the main characters decisions and his behavior. His notes are not so reliable anymore as they were in the begining. Running and hiding in the dark caves leads him to fear and insanity. In the last numbered day he only wrote a few words: „I hear drums of war. They are coming”. After this last note follows a whole text closing quote from the same film: „ – He is changing the reels. – John? I want all of this material burnt. All of it.“ This was an abstract storyline based art piece with semi-related text. This installation talks about pointless wandering through space , it’s exploration.