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Vello Trell

Vello Trell

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Trell was born in Jõhvi and started painting in 1973. The time when Trell worked with Rein Kelpmann was the time when his handwriting took shape. He has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union since 1986. An important impulse to paint was the psychological condition of man in the repressive Soviet society of the time. The painting was due to the need to survive the tension itself in this situation. At that time, many figural paintings were born, dominated by psychological symbolism. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the artist’s handwriting changed slightly. More symbolism and abstract elements flowed into it. Since then, few works have survived in Finland, as most of them arrived and remained in Finland and elsewhere abroad. In 1992, during the Saaremaa period, the works became more and more abstract, there were only a few portraits among them. The late 1990s were followed by a long period of expressive abstractionism, in which different materials and Trell was recognizably intense in color. It should be noted that the intensity of the long-term completion process adds value to these paintings. In the pictures of the new millennium, one can see many manifestations of eclecticism. Themes range from cityscapes to complete abstraction, which is always dominated by philosophy.


DNA by Vello Trell
99 x 90 cm
View II by Vello Trell
View II  
110 x 120 cm

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