NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Santa Zukker

Santa is studying cultural studies as her final year in Tallinn University. Santa studied painting and drawing at BFM’s art classes under Orest Kormashov’s teachings. Santa started drawing at a very young age and she has always liked it. She started drawing cartoons and comic strips. She also made comics in the children’s magazine “Hea Laps”. She mainly uses acrylic paints in her paintings. Her works are mainly in a mystical realistic theme. She has also exhibited her works in galleries such as Staapli3 Gallery, Eduard Vilde museum, Nõmme Cultural Center, but also in cafes such as Nautica Center (Croccodillo pizza), etc. Santa also runs art workshops for children in galleries and libraries.


Tulips in Old Town  
Like a dandelion dust  
Green skies