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Sandra Jõgeva

Sandra Jõgeva (1976) has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2000 (BA) and 2002 (MA). She is an artist, writer, documentary maker and a curator. Her first book, a collection of short stories based on her life as an artist won the Betti Alver debut prize in 2008. She has received an annual prize of Estonian Endowment of Culture as an artist in 2004 and as a documentary maker in 2017. Her debut documentary titled “Love…” received also the prize of the Guild of Estonian Documentary makers in 2017 and an Estonian Film Award for the documentary of the year in 2018. She is currently working on her second documentary titled “Art and the Cold War. Esthetic Resistance” (to be released in 2020) and several performance and installation projects. She is living and working in Tallinn, Estonia.


Abstract Composition with Seashells and Rabbits  


What are the little girls made of I (Meghan)  
What are the little girls made of II (Venus)  


Aluminium I  
Aluminium II  
Tea extra II  
Silver Abstract