NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Centurio senex, 2022


This sculpture is part of my graduate thesis, series of miniatures “Res publica animalium sentientium” (republic of all sentient creatures). The idea behind the sculpture is that there is a disharmony between the field of culture and the field of science, which has enabled the formation of a narrative that subdues nature to the will of a human. As a result of this narrative, man has separated from nature and has a become a threat to all other living systems. The most easily relatable victims of that narrative are animals, which humans can perceive only through their own description of them , not as a part from a holistic system. My sculptures depict the animals disfigured by that narrative and their desponded state of being in the world of a human. This work has been on exhibitions “ Graduates of 2022”(2022) and “Canned materia”(2022)

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