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Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins

Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins (b. 1993) is best known as a textile artist and poet. In her work, the artist focuses on village landscapes, storytelling and Kadrina dialect. She works mainly in embroidery, tapestry and poetry. In her later works, the Teinfeldt-Grins focuses on the reading skills of landscapes. The artist has studied at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences, at the Department of Textile Art of the Latvian Academy of Arts and currently is studying Contemporary Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Teinfeldt-Grins is nominated by the Estonian Ministry of Culture Eduard Wiiralt Scholarship and Adamson-Eric Scholarship. In addition, she is the Young Textile Artist of the Year, a nomination given by the Estonian Association of Textile Artists.


Corners of the glacier by Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins
Corners of the glacier  
55 x 90 cm


Red Jõhvi by Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins
Red Jõhvi  
170 x 130 cm

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