NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Liva Blumfelde Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Artist believes that in every area of human activity we can add something from art. Nature has the biggest influence in her artistic thinking. She has studied at Art Academy of Latvia, painting department. All her studies elate to fine arts or art teaching to children. She feels that when art (for example painting) is connected with other medias or it’s a part of something bigger, it has much more influence. Currently anything can become or can be reworked in a work of art. Like paintings in public spaces, also renovation of old decorative paintings.



43 x 66 cm


What's the point  
200 x 130 cm
After Hammershoi  
75 x 75 cm
Father's house  
90 x 90 cm
Time Climbs 1  
60 x 70 cm
Fish in milk  
160 x 106 cm
160 x 230 cm
Peaks on The Pond  
85 x 90 cm
The Dam  
118 x 144 cm
Crow pines  
91 x 110 cm


Tapis de Noix  
158 x 353 cm