NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Katrīna Ieva Emerging artist

Katrīna Ieva has finished bachelors and masters at Art Academy of Latvia department of scenography. And have learned for one semester at Akademie Der Bildenden Künste Münich. Katrīna Ieva has founded the artist group “4k” with 3 colleagues from the scenographies department, together they have made 5 exhibitions in total. Katrīna Ieva has done scenography and costume design for theater productions in state and independent theaters. Katrīna Ieva has also made visual identities for movies, and has experience with making movie set designs. Katrīna Ieva has participated in pop up exhibitions and exhibition cycles with video art, figurative art and installations. Katrīna Ieva uses different media and isn’t afraid of learning new techniques, because the artist believes that every different idea asks for a different approach to make it readable for the viewer. My approach to art was developed by gaining the understanding of concept and context in the AAL scenography department. In art I mostly work with questions and attain observations related to dysfunction of the man-made social constructs, targeting the individual’s attempts to accept or overcome them. My art, despite a variety of media, is united by exploration of different aspects and contexts of my chosen subject, which results in artistic fixation and representation of the mental state formed by the research. My typical form of work is collage, in which I tend to combine discordant objects, to create structured chaos. I am fascinated by the process where through the care and attention provided by the artist, the seemingly ugly takes on a human vulnerability and becomes intuitively appealing.

Mixed media

200 x 200 cm