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Jane Muts Emerging artist

Jane Muts

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Jane Muts (b. 1984) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a BA degree in fine arts. Jane Muts mainly depicts space in space in her work. Muts treats paint as a building material and creates the illusion of space through the composition. The thick layers of pigment gradually applied to the canvas create surfaces with a rich texture, as a result of which the interior scenes call into question the perception of space. Her technique helps to combine areas of detail and emptiness. She has participated in the 22nd annual exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Union “Spring Exhibition 2022” (2022), TASE’22 graduation exhibition (2022), a group exhibition of painting students at the Office of the Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia (2021), Buy Youth Art auction exhibition (2021), Restaurant Kärbes on the walls of the group exhibition of EAA Painting Course A, B, C … Z (2019).


VRTSK(I) by Jane Muts
150 x 130 cm

Mixed media

VRTSK V-VI by Jane Muts
150 x 130 cm

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