NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Kaarel Kütas Emerging artist

Kaarel Kütas (born 1981) is a versatile young artist whose road in terms of art education has included studies at the Academia Non Grata and Estonian Academy of Arts, also exchange studies at Hungarian University of Fine Arts and Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Speaking about his interests, Kütas has said that he is interested in everything in the radius of 360 degrees. He is an active performance and installation artist, he has also done paintings, video art and printmakings, as well as acted as a curator. In addition to solo projects, he has collaborated extensively with other artists in the art commune “Metropol” and art groupings such as Arrowgroup, C.n.O.P.T. and Non Grata.

Kütas has said that for him, good art is characterized by a certain “knack” in an artwork that can´t be explained in words but that makes one have a closer look at and think about this work.


Can you Feel the Warmness of My Heart?  
Sky-blue Dream about a New Shopping Center  


Risky Choices. Examples from the Performance Art