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Jaanus Eensalu

Jaanus Eensalu, painter, graphical designer and lecturer, has passed his creational and educational journey from the University of Tartu and the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. In the latter his is currently holding a position of head of department and associate professor. For years Jaanus has been leading and developing the department of media design being passionate to solve challenges in the field. Promoting the knowledge of design and art is extremely important in his opinion as the current world is changing in rapid pace and the knowhow in the topic helps to understand the trends. Eensalu is a member of the Estonian Association of Graphic Designers and the Tartu Artists’ Association. He has been exhibiting since 1971, and has also created a number of exhibition designs. He is a regarded design and media artist. Happy art! It is in the nature of the individual to be happy and to devote oneself to a favourite activity. Work that we respect, love, know and through which we can create both spiritual and physical value, gives us the opportunity to be a participant in the process – an artist, a creator. What is happy art? Seeing happy art requires standing still for a moment, mental and physical independence, and an open cognitive positivity, i.e. stopping. The basic principle of acquiring happy art is based on the retrospective legend of private art*, a generator of spiritual well-being and balance for the acquirer. It is a time of happiness or a time of learning! Take the first step – stop and look at the art, take the second step – do it every day, take the third step – your happy art. My artworks in art collections: Estonian National Museum, Tartu, Estonian Matti Milius Collection, Tartu, Estonian Jamie Jacobs-May, California, United States of America


Salvatorem mundi - evening tea - savior of the world  
Trip Around the World - Victory Force  
St. Peter's eggs  
Ping Pong and Stiina's yellow rabbits  
Cloud mother's choices church suitor and forest rustling  
Man Woman Music Man  
Maximum taste of pleasure