NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Free your inner disco princess, 2018

150 x 200 cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas

The artist´s comment on the artwork:

“I’ve always been leaning towards pop art with my painting style and I’m not afraid to admit that my favourite color is pink.

Strangely the main comment through the years of studying in Estonian Academy of Arts has been, that I have to be careful not to fall into creating kitsch and art that is just poster-like and with no meaning in it. Because of that I have always felt that my inner princess is constantly suppressed, because pink, hearts and glitter isn’t necessary a sign of good taste.

Coming from that I have always had several questions in my mind. First: is kitsch definitely a sign of a bad taste and does art has to have a deeper meaning to it to be good? Secondly: should an artist create art that stays in borders of good taste or should he/she always stay true to himself/herself?

My painting is an experiment to see whether the sugary sweetness can become a meaningful piece of art that can be taken seriously.”