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Henrik Härkönen Emerging artist

Henrik Härkönen

Artist's country of origin: Finland

Henrik Härkönen is a Finnish contemporary sculptor who specializes in excavating constructional spaces. His practice is two-fold. The artist either reduces material out of alternative gallery spaces by carving the walls and floors or builds original architectural forms such as houses, castles or vernacular structures. A young professional, Härkönen has worked in the Finnish art field in dozens of solo and group exhibitions including XXIII Mänttä Art Festival, Huuto Gallery in Helsinki and as of late Kuvan Kevät, Master’s degree graduation exhibition in the Academy of Fine Arts. He has earned numerable project and working grants from major Finnish art institutions and is a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors. Works in collections include Gallery Halmetoja, Studio Wäkewä and a permanent concrete castle in an art museum Urkin Piilopirtti in Pinsiö, Finland.


Secret Room by Henrik Härkönen
Secret Room  
224 x 167 cm

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