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Evija Skriba

Evija Skriba

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Evija Skriba graduated of Environment art, Art Academy of Latvia. The main priority of creating her art works is the process. At the time of process she does research and experimentalize using different kinds of materials and technics. She draws big attention to those subjects, which affects mind of a human being or the structure of the planet (nature), in that way trying to find and figure out the meaning of things. Through the philosophic and empiric senses, she creates art works for things that she cares the most, unknown questions as a research. She has participated in pairs of exhibitions. For one of her most successful project of art she can say that it was a TV show “Rising star in the art” in 2016. She got a lot of experience and self-confidence for the upcoming art works. She would like to continue to grow up and learn everything new in her professional work, using the experimental technics to amaze the spectator about the idea and visual pleasure.


NOW by Evija Skriba
200 x 400 cm

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