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Eneli Valge

Eneli Valge (1970) is a freelance artist and designer. Lived and worked in Tallinn from 1991 to 2018. She received her art education at the Tartu Art School, defended both her bachelor’s (2004) and master’s (2007) degrees at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and improved her professional skills at the Department of Visual Arts and Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands (2006). Eneli has been working as an artist since 2003. She has made installations and conceptual objects, curated exhibitions and organized art projects, created illustrations, book designs, and murals. Worked as an art teacher and lecturer. Long-time copying of historical portraits in a Finnish private manor. Dedicated to digital processing and oil painting in recent years. Eneli’s paintings have been exhibited at the annual exhibitions of Tartu art in 2019-2021. She has had several solo exhibitions in 2020 and 2021. Eneli was one of the selected Artist for the Autumn/Winter 2021 session in The Copper Leg Residency. From Eneli’s previous work worth noting The Pavilion of Rapunza (from the art project “Flirt with the Garden”) and the cover and vignette designs of the Italian edition of Hõbevalge: sulla rotta del vento, del fuoco e dell’Ultima Thule (Author Lennart Meri, Translator and Adapter Daniele Monticelli). The last important recognition is the ADC*E Estonian Design Awards 2019 bronze (Special Skills / Drawer category).


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