NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Algis Sprindžiūnas Emerging artist

In 2021 I received my bachelors degree in site specific art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. And in 2023 I have successfully finished contemporary sculpture masters studies in Vilnius Academy of Art. My creative practice deals with relations between virtual and physical realms, and search for realness in contemporary existence. My main creative tool is painting. I am interested in finding new approaches for traditional painting, that would help reflect upon and exist in the contemporary world. My past works have included themes of glitch art, internet myths, fictional beings. I also work with installation art, painting and digital media. Exhibitions and projects: • 2019 “Discoveries”, land art exhibition in Vilnius University botanical garden. • 2019 “Innovative space for a human in a garden”, international course in Poland Bolestraszyce botanical garden. • 2020 “Sand”, group exhibition in gallery “Creatorium” (Vilnius). • 2021 “The Shining”, group exhibition in “Šv. Jono gatvės galerija” gallery (Vilnius). • 2022 „Experimental art connections“, festival of contemporary performing arts in Plungė cultural center (Lithuania). • 2022 “Blue screen Be real”, solo exhibition in gallery “Akademija” (Vilnius) and digital exhibition space “IRGI galerija”. • 2023 “Weather forecasts”, group exhibition in “Atletika” gallery (Vilnius). • 2023 “VDA graduation show”, group exhibition in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Mixed media

Postcards from the blue screen 1  
35 x 50 cm
Postcards from the blue screen 2  
35 x 50 cm
Postcards from the blue screen 3  
35 x 50 cm