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The 15th annual show of the Estonian Artists’ Association, which is taking place for the fourth time as the Spring Exhibition, opened on Tuesday 2 June 2015. For the first time, a selection of the artworks exhibited is also available online via

Position I 
by Mall Nukke

This year, the Spring Exhibition will present 125 works to the visitors – represented are both recognised classics (Enn Põldroos, Tiit Pääsuke, Jüri Arrak, Leonhard Lapin, Mari Roosvalt, Maret Olvet, Jüri Kask, Ado Lill, and Ilmar Kruusamäe) as well as young artists (Britta Benno, Maria Sidljarevitsh, Gudrun Heamägi, Robin Nõgisto, Maria Generalova, Liisa Jugapuu, Danel and Kahar).
The selection was made from the almost 190 works submitted to the exhibition by a jury comprised of Tamara Luuk, Indrek Grigor, Kaarel Eelma, Vano Allsalu and Elin Kard.

The “traditional spring exhibition” is a bridge between a large number of artists and the broader public of art and culture lovers, and also between artists of very different ages. “I believe that the issues that reach across the generations and mutual communications between the artists are some of the most interesting features of this exhibition,” said Vano Allsalu, President of the Estonian Artists’ Association and member of the jury.

Based on good practice, the works created during the last year will be displayed and, as has been the
custom, in addition to EAA members, the exhibition is also open to artists who are not members. The
salon-type spring exhibition presents a diverse extract of the art being created in Estonia. As jury
member Indrek Grigor observed, “I believe that the spring exhibition format has potential because it is
not strictly curated and due to its diverse nature centres attention on each separate work of art.”

The Spring Exhibition will remain open at the Tallinn Art Hall until July 5th; at the Art Hall Gallery until
June 28th and at the Tallinn City Gallery until June 21st
Exhibition designer: Kaarel Eelma

See works from the exhibition HERE!

More information: Tallinn Art Hall