NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Art enthusiasts are now invited to access exhibition information in Nordic and Baltic countries via the international online exhibition calendar at noar.eu. Currently, the calendar features more than 100 significant exhibitions and art events in the region.

Andra Orn, the founder of the contemporary art environment NOAR.eu, said the calendar was created based on a practical need. “Art buyers and enthusiasts often ask us for suggestions on which exhibitions to see, both in Estonia and in neighbouring countries,” Orn explains. 

According to her, it is challenging to find information about art events when travelling to Helsinki, Stockholm or Riga. “It is quite impossible to search for galleries and museums unless you know their exact names. 

Sometimes you can spend hours googling but might still miss the info most smashing contemporary art exhibition,” she adds.

The purpose of the exhibition calendar is to gather information about significant art events of the Baltic and Nordic region in an easily accessible online environment. Via the calendar one can conveniently search for art exhibitions by city or country, check the location of the art hall, its opening times and read the introduction of the event. “It will hopefully bring contemporary art, sometimes surrounded by unjustified mystery, closer to the audience,” she adds.

The broader purpose of the exhibition calendar is to popularize contemporary art and encourage people to visit the art halls more often and discover the artworks of artists in our region. Also, the international exhibition calendar supports more significant interaction and cooperation between the Estonian, other Baltic and Nordic art communities. “In Nordic countries, people are very interested in the contemporary art scene of the Baltics. Art enthusiasts, who travel to Estonia, can now find interesting exhibitions and also introduce our artists’ work in their home country,” Orn explained.

In the calendar, it is easy to filter information based on location – country or city.

The web-based exhibition calendar brings together contemporary art events from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Exhibition information in Estonia – Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and other cities – is most conveniently viewed in Estonian.  

Sharing the information via the calendar is free of charge for galleries. The exhibition calendar is set up with the support of creative industry infrastructure and technological capacity development measure by Enterprise Estonia.