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Saulė Šaltytė

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Saulė is a visual artist, finished bachelor degree in painting 2020 in Vilnius academy of fine arts. She was searching and working actively through studying years. In 2018 she participated in the international artist residency in China, which changed her perception about art and it inspired her to explore eastern culture and philosophy. She also participated in the Erasmus exchange program and spent one semester in Montenegro Academy of Fine Arts and two semesters in the National College of Art and Design in Ireland. Experience  abroad, helped her to grow as an artist and to have open, contemporary view towards art. I am interested in contemporary arts, multidisciplinary, experimental arts. I am also an active volunteer, exploring healing and connecting on power of creativity. She was a volunteer for many years in children with disabilities camps „Viltis“, now now a volunteer in the day centre for young adults with disabilities in her hometown Jonava. She creates with them, lead painting, drawing, art therapy, theater, music activities. In her artist practice she tries to expand the common understanding of painting, by experimentimg with materials and tryimg to find ways of creating and exhibiting the works in non-traditional way. Sometimes paintings become objects, installations, turn into video.

Her final exhibition for bachelor degree was called „Vibration“. This cycle of works is about the mystery, metaphysicality of being alive. It is about the vibrations that are in all living beings. She sees vibrations in natural phenomena like water, wind, growth, death, natural cycles, changes, movements, in the relationships, symbiosis of living beings. She uses abstraction as a tool to express the inner states, the parts of objects that are not visible to the rational mind, it is a tool for expanding my intuition and exploring herself and the world deeper.

Artworks are like vibrations that are created by the color, form, material, movement, sound. Everything that she creates comes from inside, but she does not see her paintings as expressions of herself, rather then as a tool, a bridge for a viewer to explore himself, interpret them, be part of creation. These works are the reminder for a contemporary person about the mystery, transcendence of life, about the vibration of liveliness, about the vast net that connects all living beings. Artist hopes that the cycle „Vibration“ that is exploring metaphysical, but at the same time, accessible and visible phenomena to everyone, will remind the viewer about the important connection between human and nature, about the harmony and balance that we need to find in ourselves and the balance between our needs and the needs of wild nature in order to keep ourselves and our planet healthy.


Sunrise - Saulė Šaltytė
190 x 150 cm
Breath of a buffalo - Saulė Šaltytė
Breath of a buffalo  
224 x 150 cm
Burning pt. 1 - Saulė Šaltytė
Burning pt. 1  
228 x 137 cm
Untitled - Saulė Šaltytė
235 x 139 cm
Blooming pt. 5 - Saulė Šaltytė
Blooming pt. 5  
175 x 160 cm
Full moon - Saulė Šaltytė
Full moon  
226 x 136 cm
Fallen star - Saulė Šaltytė
Fallen star  
220 x 40 cm

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