NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Paula Zvane Noor kunstnik

Interested in movement rather than still life artist combines elements of painting with video, photography, and sculptural objects in various installations. She experiments with a lot of materials and mediums through the prism of painting due to her background of academic drawing and painting studies. She had a chance to develop in her exhibition projects, where she used real lamb as swings and kombucha mushroom as canvas. Bones and seashells were materials she used to create similar sculptural objects to those we use for our daily practices.

She is focused on environments, spaces, exploring how human figure is situated in them in relation to other animal species trough materials and connections between objects in the pattern of nature. She explores possibilities offered by material, to develop projects related to material research and maybe later adapt them to other art industries, for example, fashion. It is not just an alteration of materials and objects, but rather rational and research-based intention to explore daily practices and symbols, that have been implied in her life for many years and relate to a place where she come from, and how it can relate to a language of movements (movement codes).

Artist has deep interest in painting and sculpture, but she can never explore it only trough common, traditional materials. She wants to research how different artistic practices and possibilities of materials can be united and created as something new and different to demonstrate the outcome of her practice. She incorporates science in art, sometimes imagining being a a scientist when creating artworks.

“I would love to broaden the tradition of common painting practices. I approach context as a medium, the correlation between visual languages in art mediums is what excites me, and I am always fond of making new discoveries in my field of practice. I can present my practice trough scientific and research-based prism, but it is also connected to my life and personal experiences, that have created me and my approach to my practice and world view today. Due to how I have experienced different materials in my life I feel a special attraction, attachment to them. I love crossing the disciplines and I rather stick to my ideas than a certain art medium and later adapt the tools and needed art medium to the best possible realization of my idea. This has helped me to gain burning passion for my projects and broad skillset that has been developed over the years in my artistic practice and never ending studies.

During the time of her studies in BA painting participated in many projects in Iceland, Kyrgzstan and Latvia. Her works can be already found in art collection in Cologne, Germany. Most recent important exhibitions are in SIIM Residency(Iceland), “Savvaļa/Savage” in Latvia togheter with Estonian, Lithuanian and Finnish artists, and in art gallery DOM and gallery ISTABA in Riga. Recently received Cecil Levis Sculpture scholarship and started her studies in Central Saint Martins Fine art MA in London.


Shelter or immitation for an animal