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Natalia Kondratenko

Natalia Kondratenko is a visual artist. She was born in 1989 (Russia) but now she’s based in Tallinn, Estonia. She received her art education at the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow. Natalia’s been working as an artist from 2017. She has had solo exhibition in 2019 in Moscow, and in Rae Cultural Centre, Estonia (2022). Natalia was selected and worked on her project in The Copper Leg Residency (Autumn/Winter 2021). She was also selected as a finalist of Head On Portrait Awards 2022 (Australia).
Natalia is working with several mediums, such as photography, painting, stone carving and etc.
The main idea of her art practice is a reflection on a concept as human freedom, borders and a duality in the modern world. Natalia’s wondering about tendencies and processes in modern society and in a person. This is an attempt to realize exactly where we are moving and what it will turn out to be.


The field of bullet wounds