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Monika Ivaškaitė Noor kunstnik

Monika Ivaškaitė is an artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Through the oil paint brush strokes, the artist explores childhood-related topics in her works and often uses bright colors and naive-like drawings to express it.

“As I observe childhood from a grown-up’s point of view, I notice how these two worlds (my world as a child and the current one) correlate and at the same time differ from each other. Although I focus on the memories so much, my consciousness creates a new, rather fictional reality, that is made up of the real child-like experiences and the interpretation of these experiences. Balancing between childhood and adulthood, I create a new world for my images.”

Monika Ivaškaitė (b. 1992) has gained BA and MA in the Painting department at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She has presented several personal exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions.


131 x 65 cm
Nimetu (auto-portree  
77 x 64 cm
80 x 70 cm
Mere ääres  
100 x 70 cm
Kas me oleme juba Panamas?  
100 x 120 cm
120 x 95 cm