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Līva Vilcāne Noor kunstnik

Līva Vilcāne

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Līva Vilcāne (born in 1996) has been enamored by the arts since childhood. Her passion led her to study in various vocational schools with a focus on visual arts and in 2023 she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Plastic art (Textile). Even though her main focus in studies was textile art, Līva loves illustrating and is also interested in pursuing studies in animation in the future. Her works reflect her determination to stay true to her ”inner child”, while also reflecting on how she views and feels about more serious, societal and personal topics. She takes lots of inspiration from pop-culture so there are visible references of that in her art. Also the use of symbolism is prominent in her works. During her studies, Līva has participated in the Geumgang Nature Art Cube Exhibition 2021 where her work “Stability” was displayed in the Hongcheon Art Museum (South Korea). Also, in 2020, she worked on a joint project with other students to create a textile art installation for the healthcare company “Roche” to display in one of their newly built office buildings. Her contribution was a woven textile gobelin titled “Generous Spirit”.


Virtual Court - Līva Vilcāne
Virtual Court  
200 x 200 cm

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