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Lina Herrmans is a Finnish artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Herrmans works mainly in the mediums of painting, sculpture and installation. Their works channel the vacillations and tensions in the spaces between the themes of being and not being, seeing, invisibility and visibility. In their works Herrmans investigates these themes broadly through looking at memories and thoughts of uncertainty, belonging, unconventionality, comfort, and remoteness, and the elaboration and distortion of these things. The tensions found in these themes and especially the spaces inbetween them interest Herrmans, also as feminist acts: Taking space with empty space. Herrmans is currently finishing their BFA degree in the department of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki in 2023. They have studied painting at undergraduate level in the Independent Studio Programme at Slade School of Fine Art in London (Completed with First-Class Honours). Their works have been exhibited in several duo – and group exhibitions in Finland and in the UK, latest in the Bachelor’s thesis exhibition in Kuva/Tila, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.


Left things (and grate 1 & 2) - Lina Herrmans
Left things (and grate 1 & 2)  
100 x 100 cm

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