NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Lidija Zaneripa Noor kunstnik

“In my artistic practice I’m interested in experimenting with different materials and everyday events. Searching for an aesthetic and ironic perspective in ordinary things, often in a performative way, inviting spectators to participate. Using mediums as moving and static images as an outcome of performative, sometimes delusional and absurd desires. Whether it’s making sculptures out of instant noodles, or selling fried eggs on the front hood of car on the highway. Throughout studies I have always strive to participate, take part and take action to express myself within and beyond the frame of the academy. In 2017 I took part in a group show “Title Doesn’t Matter” at the Latvian National Museum of Art with a project that began in Erasmus exchange studies at The University of Porto. In following years I have initiated and participated in numerous art events. In 2020 I pursued my first solo show “Rolis” at RIXC gallery. Within the project “Rolis” I create miniature sculptures made of instant noodles, then digitizing and displaying them as printed images. With the same project I participated in an urban art festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Later that year I took part in a workshop with Marc Hulson, which led to a group exhibition at The Art Academy of Latvia experimental art space “Pilot” gallery. After that I’ve been working on my master’s thesis — creating a choreography for excavator performance, which I displayed in an exhibition this september. Since 2018 together with a group of artist friends we have been making “Acute Art” events, which is a one night exhibition, art event where people are invited to take a part in deconstructing and creating exposition with pre-created blanks. The main idea for this event is to experiment and create art together and cultivate dialog about contemporary art processes. At this point I’m looking forward to working on creating a scenography for a concert for string quartet “Sponte” and composer Platons Buravickis. Combining it with the 5th “Accute Art” event. As well as working on organizing and participating in an experimental sound art event “Laundry Time” in cultural space Tu Jau Zini Kur, in Riga. Later this year I’m preparing to start an internship at The Institute for (X) in Aarhus, Denmark, to work on “Rotating art residencies” project, to develop studio and residency projects and a collaboration between Riga, Reykjavik and Aarhus.”