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Laura Aizporiete Noor kunstnik

Laura Aizporiete

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Laura Aizporiete is based in Riga, Latvia. In 2022 with Wilhelms Purvitis excellence award acquired a bachelor’s degree at Latvian Academy of Art, Visual art department – painting faculty. Since painting has become the closest and deeply engaging medium for me, I am trying to distance myself from its most traditional forms. I think that painting can be created by useing many different materails, including cristals, dust, rust, wood etc. I am interested in experimenting with various materials, substances, and chemicals, regularly exposing my works to many external unpredictable factors, and trying to allow breathing space for unexpected outcomes. In my work am researching the reciprocal interaction between my influence, the circumstances, and the materials, without awarding any of these elements a leading role. As at February 24 of this year when i experienced an emergency evacuation from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, I have reassessed my interests, priorities and opportunities in art as a form of communication. At the moment I am focusing on memorial art and responsibly socially active art. 2022 with Wilhelms Purvitis excellence award graduated Art Academy of Latvia 2020 nominated for XII Young Painter Prize (Baltic), 2018 nominated for SEB Painting Prize


GARAGE 119 - Laura Aizporiete
GARAGE 119  
700 x 600 cm

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