NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Kristina Villand Noor kunstnik

Her studies began at the Estonian Academy of Arts with Graphic Art BA, after graduating BA, she went to Portugal as a postgraduate, which gave her a good base on being an artist without the support of an academy. In Portugal, her main method of working was paste-up. 2021 she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts studying Contemporary Art MA. The title of her thesis was “Voids and the Mediation of Urban Space”, which dived into the idea of a hole, an empty space and what is their importance in the city environment. In addition, for the practical part, she created a “non-real estate” agency for the empty spaces in Tallinn. The agency is called Head Paigad (Nice Places) and its main goal is to gather and show the value of the “holes” in Tallinn.

Artist put up big posters in the selected urban voids, forming bypasses of its charm and existence. Mostly she has been working in the public space, interacting with it. The works she puts up have a tendency not to stay up, they act as a quick shift in the based reality, leaving behind a memory for the artist to revisit and humbly smile.