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Krista Zane Suķe Noor kunstnik

Krista Zane Suķe

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Born in Latvia, Baldone. She started her creative career at the Baldone Art School, then continued her studies in the scenography, at the Riga Art and Media Technical School. In 2018, started studies in the Latvian Academy of Arts, visual and plastic arts, painting, I graduated in 2022 2019 Beginning of the 1st semester, participation in the centenary exhibition of the Latvian Academy of Arts “Academia” in the exhibition hall Arsenal with its art installation “Being yourself” Studying at the Academy was a period in which I painted both portraits, installations, landscapes, and various creative composition tasks. Have always been interested in various topics. My paintings are dominated by color, details and often writen texts. During my studies, I also write a diary about my creative progress and personal life. I would say that I am a very versatile artist who likes to prove herself in new techniques, solve different topics and challenge herself.


The artist as a spider - Krista Zane Suķe
The artist as a spider  
190 x 130 cm
Bell in Venice - Krista Zane Suķe
Bell in Venice  
190 x 130 cm
Accident - Krista Zane Suķe
190 x 130 cm
Memory notebook - Krista Zane Suķe
Memory notebook  
190 x 130 cm

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