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Keitlyn Kruus

Keitlyn Kruus

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Eesti

During my four-year study at the Department of Media Design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, I acquired knowledge in many different techniques and processes in both art and design, from illustration, painting, and printmaking to typography, branding, animation, video editing, graphic design, etc. Because of this, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions that showcase my works in printmaking, graphic design, and screen media (video and animation).

The graphic design exhibition “Supermarket” is the most important one, as it was the exhibition my coursemates and I organized together. It was successful and gained popularity for its strong message about our consumer society. Additionally, our (team of four) short stop-motion animation “KALAMEES” (Fishman) was featured in an alternative multimedia festival, Intrepid Extravaganza II.

In my studies, I have also worked with different clients and had the opportunity to do three different internships in graphic design, printmaking, and animation. The two-month internship at Labora (specialized in letterpress printmaking) and my three-month Erasmus+ animation internship at Divize Animace in Prague gave me an understanding of the industries and the knowledge to start experimenting and creating my direction. I am eager to begin my journey after graduating from Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

“KALAMEES” (Fishman)


Looping Linocut Animation “Cycle” - Keitlyn Kruus
Looping Linocut Animation “Cycle”  
15 x 15 cm

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