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Ieva Tulaitė

Ieva Tulaitė (b. 1997) is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has finished Monumental Arts studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her works are mostly abstract, she is doing a lot of experiments with various techniques although the classical painting from nature interests her quite as much. Spectrum of experimenting is wide and consists of playing with different styles of mixed media techniques (series “ARCANUM”, shown in an exhibition in Užutrakis Manor Estate, 2020), painting the atmosphere (series “KRAJ”, shown in an exhibition in gallery “Akademija VDA”, Vilnius, 2019) as well as painting in the nature under very inconvenient conditions (painting expedition “Painting the River” in collaboration with Kipras Černiauskas, 2018, shown in an exhibition in Routers Art Lab, 2019. This project received an award from Lithuanian Artists’ Association).


100 x 80 cm
The One  
200 x 220 cm


999 x 999 cm


Red Velvet  
110 x 130 cm